Art in the Western World

The subject is vast, and complicated by incessant warring. However, once one enters the.… historic flow it has all the trappings of a soap opera. 

Particularly around the Middle Ages and Renaissance with Popes, Kings, Holy Roman and Byzantine Emperors, wealthy merchant families and city-states relentlessly at each others throats, practicing deceit and forming alliances to own each others fortunes and territories. Not to mention the steady advance of the Muslims. Paradoxically the reason we have all the magnificent art and architecture is the ongoing one-upmanship between all the above. 

Three months is just enough to have a good idea of how art evolved, taking time for the unusual, such as the most popular form of expression during the Roman Empire: graffiti.  
Art History Classes8
The evolution of art in Western Civilization

Three-month course, one evening a week

Language and Theatre Workshops

French - Italian 
​For somewhat advanced students 

Hands-on, as we go over the acting styles unique to the culture. A word means nothing without an action to back it. 



The History of Wine
Two evenings. Complementary. n
Besides wine aficionados, those interested in taking the art history course would benefit to feel grounded chronologically. 

Three month courses n

Art History in Western Civilization and the Near East
One evening: $10      One month: $25     Three months: $50
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays:                         7-9 pm

Languages - Theatre History
One session: $5      One month: $15      Three months: $30
Thursdays                                                                 7-8:30 pm
Saturday, Sunday                              Morning or afternoon